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Pre-Reception Gathering (e.g., The "Cocktail Hour")

Generally, there will be a period of "downtime" between the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception. If these two segments of the wedding day are held in different locations, your wedding reception guests may arrive at the wedding reception site over a staggered time period. Even if the site of the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception is the same, there will most likely be a period of changeover and mingling. At the very least, time will be needed for the bride and groom to receive family and friends and for guests to find their places in the wedding reception hall. The performance of ambient music during this time is a long-standing tradition:

The "Little Band":

STAGE DOOR CANTEEN offers highly-flexible, size-specific jazz combos for ambient music during your wedding day "cocktail hour." In smaller venues or spaces, the group could be as small as a bass/guitar duo. For a medium-sized footprint, we might include a drummer or one or more horn players. In larger spaces, the "little band" might be a true jazz combo consisting of a rhythm section, several horns, and a vocalist.

Our pre-reception performance is designed in keeping with our overall philosophy: to tailor what we do to your needs and your wedding day vision. Overall, our goal is to bring tasteful, elegant ambience to your gathering. Music is generally selected from the "standards" of the Great American Songbook, featuring artful improvised solos of a reasonable duration and always performed at an unobtrusive volume. The pre-reception time is for greeting old friends and family, and meeting the new side of the family; our music reflects this ideal.

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