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The Wedding Ceremony

Wedding ceremonies are as diverse and varied as the human family, but most wedding ceremonies do share some basic structural elements. Your wedding guests will probably arrive at the wedding ceremony site before the ceremony begins; the performance of live music during this gathering time is an ancient tradition. Perhaps honored family and friends will be formally seated before the bridal party, and then the bridal party enters, and then the bride herself; music may accompany any or all of these entrances. In some traditions, music is a regular part of the wedding ceremony. A recessional usually accompanies the bride and groom out of the wedding ceremony space, and additional music may follow as the wedding party leads the remaining guests to the waiting celebration.

Options for music during the wedding ceremony:

  • Pre-processional: music played as your wedding guests are gathering in the wedding ceremony space
  • Wedding Party Processionals: seating music for honored family and friends; the entrance of the bridal party
  • The Processional (The Bride): the wedding ceremony begins as the bride arrives
  • Music During the Wedding: not always used, but still prevalent in some traditions
  • Recessional/Postlude: music to accompany the bridge, groom, and wedding party's exit

Of course, all of this is completely optional and highly flexible. Our goal at STAGE DOOR CANTEEN is to help you custom tailor the music for your wonderfully personal wedding ceremony. We can participate in the wedding ceremony in full or in part or not at all; our goal is to realize your vision. If live music is a part of your vision, than our master musicians can make that vision a reality. Individual members of STAGE DOOR CANTEEN are well-versed in the Roman Catholic, Mainline Protestant, and Jewish wedding ceremony traditions and are at ease working with staff musicians in houses of worship; or we can perform live music in accordance with the unique or non-traditional vision of the bride and groom with equal delight. To that end, wedding ceremony musical offerings can include the following:

Woodwind Ensemble:
Members of the STAGE DOOR CANTEEN saxophone section can perform traditional selections and lite pop on flute and clarinet. Ideal for gathering music and quiet processionals

Brass Ensemble:
Members of the STAGE DOOR CANTEEN trumpet and trombone sections perform a majestic repertoire of processionals and recessionals. Brass instruments have been heralding great events since time immemorial

Trained by the US Army, the prestigious Invermark College of Piping, and the College of Piping PEI, Pipe Major Roger Gamache is widely regarded as one of the finest pipers in New England. Nothing makes your occasion as memorable as the ancient strains of the highland pipes

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